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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Not just gifts and cards, this Mothers Day 2014 take a pledge to respect mothers and motherhood.

Posted by Apurva Nagar

Giving your Mother a gift or card is not enough! Before you carry on using this website, take a pledge! Your mother has spent her whole life caring and thinking about Your good. Now its your time, read this pledge and then comment below -"I do!" and share this message with everyone you know!

I take pledge to respect not just my but all the mothers of this world and their motherhood. I testify to obey her commands and follow her actions. I will DISRESPECT anyone, who doesn't respect her. I testify at this moment that her every step is for my good. She has done a hundred sacrifice and I will also do when the situation wants it. I end this pledge by concluding - "Respect will bring more happiness than expensive gifts."
Thank you for taking this pledge, now you can continue to use this website. But remember - Respect 1st : Gift 2nd :)

Don't for get to share this pledge and make it a worldwide campaign. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 2014!

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